The Successful US Business Owner Case

  1. Protect US Real Estate: Setup and Coordinate LLCs, Homeowner and/or Dwelling Fire Insurance, and Umbrella Insurance.
  2. Protect Business: Research Suitable Employment Practices Liability Insurance to Protect Against Employee Lawsuits.
  3. Wealth Succession: Integrate Irrevocable Trusts with Suitable Life Insurance Plans to Reduce Estate Taxes.

The Wealthy Foreign Investor Case

  1. Protect Real Estate & Tax Planning: Create Trusts and LLCs in Nevada and South Dakota.
  2. Asset Protection & Tax Planning: Research Suitable Life Insurance and Annuities with Principal or Death Benefit Guarantees.
  3. Tax Planning: Negotiate with Insurance Company to Create Custom Private Placement Life Insurance, in order to Invest in Hedge Funds Without Taxation.

The Large Parent‐Subsidiary Enterprise Case

  1. Protection Business: Negotiate Custom Directors & Officers Policy to Protect Parent Company & All Subsidiaries.
  2. Business Succession: Work with Multiple Business Owners and their Attorneys to Negotiate a Buy‐Sell Agreement and Fund the Contract with Suitable Life Insurance.
  3. Business Protection: Create Private Captive Insurance Company to Manage Operational Risks, Which May Generate Premium Savings and/or Tax Deductions.